Low Milk Supply

Many mothers often wonder if they are producing enough milk. I hear this all the time when I see my moms as a Lactation Consultant. Your body will keep up with your baby’s demand if you breastfeed every 2-3 hours in the first few weeks, having 8-12 feedings in a 24 hour period. Breastfeeding babies are hungry more often than formula fed babies.

This is because breast milk is much easier for them to digest therefore, babies are hungrier faster. Also, when a baby goes through a growth spurt, they will eat more. Monitoring wet diapers and bowel movements daily is also a good way to see if your baby is breastfeeding well. If the baby is wetting 5-6 diapers after the first week and has a few bowel movements, then your baby is doing well. Bowel movements after the first week should have a yellow seedy coloring. There are a few things that I tell my patients to help them with their milk supply, eating oatmeal is good. It is very important to try to relax.

I know this is hard when you have a new baby. One thing that I find very helpful is More Milk Plus by a Motherlove. Many stores are now carrying this or you can order it directly from their website. This helps greatly to increase milk. Another great idea is putting a heating pad on for a few minutes before you breastfeed.

This is like taking a warm shower. It has the same effect. Good luck. I hope you establish a good milk supply.