Breastfeeding The Second Time Around

Many new moms assume that breastfeeding will come naturally. Unfortunately, this is not always the case because every baby is unique. Therefore, the big question every mom asks is will breastfeed get any easier the second time around? The answer is that every child is different. One baby can latch on right away while another baby will have no interest to latch on. Therefore, a mom cannot predict how a baby will breastfeed until you actually put the baby onto your breast. It is very important that while you are pregnant you go to breastfeeding preparation classes. Ask your OB. GYN for advice and information on how to prepare yourself and where you can find these classes if you have chosen to breastfeed.

You can always call me and I will guide you along. If things went wrong the first time around, hopefully, you were shown why your attempts failed and you can try to correct them the second time around. Often times, many moms are more determined to do it right the second time around.

Don’t be discouraged. Stay determined and you will succeed with breastfeeding. Always remember that practice makes perfect. Before you offer a bottle, offer your breast. It definitely takes time,devotion and patience so try to relax and you will ultimately achieve your breastfeeding goals. Lastly, the secret to breastfeeding success is to feed your baby every few hours so your baby can practice sucking your breast.

Together you will become a strong team and enjoy the experience.