Why Every Woman Needs Folic Acid While Breastfeeding

Why Every Woman Needs Folic Acid While Breastfeeding Folic Acid is important while you are breastfeeding your baby. It is a B Vitamin. It helps your body produce new cells. It helps prevent some birth defects. It may prevent heart diseases, colon cervical cancers, and strokes. In fact, Folic Acid helps your body make normal red blood cells.

Therefore, having the right daily amount of Folic Acid is crucial for breastfeeding mom’s health. The Recommended Daily Intake, RDA, of Folic Acid is approximately 500 mg a day. You can either take a supplement vitamin great foods or fortified foods that contain Folic Acid in them. Prenatal vitamin contains Folic Acid. Therefore, it is highly recommended to continue taking prenatal vitamins while breastfeeding. Consult your doctor and ask your doctor what he thinks about continuing vitamins.

What are the sources of Folic Acid? Breakfast cereals are especially high in Folic Acid. Additionally, enriched pasta, rice, bread, flour and other grains have been fortified with Folic Acid. Broccoli, asparagus, lima beans, spinach, turnip and green leafy vegetables all contain Folic Acid. Dried beans, like pinto, black and green beans contain Folic Acid. Peanuts and sunflower seeds contain Folic Acid. Oranges and grapefruit contain Folic Acid. In conclusion, speak with your healthcare provider while breastfeeding about Folic Acid. You and your healthcare provider can make the informed decision whether to keep taking the prenatal vitamin or a multivitamin while breastfeeding.

Make sure you eat foods rich in Folic Acid to help keep both you and your baby healthy and strong. Enjoy breastfeeding your baby. It is a beautiful time you have to share with your baby.