What Are Supple Cups?

The Supple Cups are a new product on the market aimed at helping and even correcting flat or inverted nipples. Supple Cups work by creating a gentle suction that you choose the strength of. It has been designed to help address flat and inverted nipples. It comes in four different four sizes. Supple Cups helps the nipple stay erect longer, which helps the baby latch on better. It is recommended to use a nipple cream or butter, putting the cream on your nipple and the interior of the Supple Cup, to help with suction.

Typically, the Supple Cup is used for a few weeks. Supple Cups are clinically proven. Use a tape measure to measure your nipple when erect to see what is the best size for you. If you have any discomfort with this product, contact your healthcare provider and discontinue use for it, It should be worn for a short time the first day, for 15 minutes.

Gradually increase your time up to a few hours a day. Ask your healthcare provider before starting this product while pregnant. Be careful because nipple stimulation can cause contractions. You can use the Supple Cups 5-10 minutes before breastfeeding. If your nipples turn color while using the Supple Cups, discontinue using it and contact your healthcare provider. If you have been bleeding or sore, or cut nipples, do not use the SuppleCups.

In conclusion, Supple Cups are a treatment for flat or inverted nipples. Flat and Inverted Nipples can cause problems with breastfeeding. The Supple Cups can help by pulling out and elongating flat or inverted nipple, helping to create longer nipples for your baby to successfully latch on. Supple Cups have helped many new moms who give up hope to breastfeed, due to a flat or inverted nipples.

I wish all new moms a great breastfeeding journey.