Lactation After Loss

This blog is dedicated to all the beautiful little angels who are no longer with us.  You will never be forgotten.

Losing a child at anytime is devastating.  After the death of your baby it is both an emotional and physically a very hard time.  Your baby has died.  However, your body is now lactationg.  Your breasts continue to leak and you are in pain.  It is at this point that you begin to listen to your body and start to take care of your breasts .

Most moms want to stop the lactation process.  Others feel they want to pump and donate their breast milk for a while.  It is completely up to you to decide what is best for you to do at this time of mournig. Furthermore, no one can tell what you should do.  You need to decide on your own what is right for you.

There are key things to do to help relieve pain in your breasts after you loss your baby.  Help relieve pain and swelling by using a cold compress.  Use ice packs for twenty minutes at a time.  Cabbage leaves are most helpful.  You keep them cold in the refrigerator and then use them around your breasts while they are cold.  Sage Tea is also used to help stop lactation.  Ask your doctor if taking ibuprofen for pain relief is right for you.  If your breasts feel full, only express small amounts of breast milk if needed to relieve pain.  Wear a supportive bra day and night and put nursing pads inside if you are leaking.

In conclusion, after you lose a baby, you will experience lactation.  Let your body do what it needs to do and express just enough to stay comfortable, until the milk production stops.  Use cold compresses to help with your pain for about twenty minutes at a time.  This will help with inflammation and reduce milk production.  Remember to take it one day at a time and I pray that all of you that the sun will shine once again for you and in your household.