In Home Lactation Consultant

Home Visit Update: Due to Covid-19, there may be additional screening questions that you will need to answer before I can do a home visit.  Also, we are taking many precautions in order to ensure a safe environment for moms and newborn babies.  Please call to discuss your needs so that we can have a safe consultation.

P: 917-538-1564
Accepting New Patients Daily

Betty Greenman is an international board-certified lactation consultant provider of in-home lactation consulting, support, and education for families throughout the New York, NY Area.

A home consultation is very convenient for moms who have just had a baby. Mothers are more comfortable breastfeeding in the safety of their homes and babies tend to respond better to the quiet and usual atmosphere. The purpose of a home visit is to reassure mothers and help them achieve their breastfeeding goals.

What happens at a Home Visit?

  • Before and after weight check of the baby.
  • Help you find a good position for mom and baby
  • Ensure the baby has a good latch
  • Answer any questions mom or dad has such as how to increase milk supply etc.
  • Make sure if mom is pumping the breast shield flange is the right size
  • Leave a written care plan

How do I know if I need a home visit?

  • If the latch is hurting
  • If the baby is losing weight
  • If moms breast are feeling too full hard and you feel clogged ducts
  • If mom has a low supply or oversupply of milk

If you are a United Healthcare and Aetna please call me to find out if your eligible for a fully covered visit payed by your insurance.

Remember I am always just one call away.