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“Betty Greenman helped me out so much. I was crying and in so much pain ready to give up. Another Lactation Consultant came to my home and told me to face it, my baby will never latch on and I will never be able to breastfeed him. Betty Greenman helped me, one step at a time and I did latch him on. In fact, it has been two months and we are enjoying breastfeeding so much.” Amy Rose D.

“I called Mrs. Greenman and she came running to my home to help me. I had an emergency and she saved me. I was going to give however, after her consult, I feel better and will work on everything she taught me during our session.”

” Mrs. Greenman came to my home. I just had a C-Section and could hardly move. In the comfort of my bed and chair in my room, she helped me out. I am so happy I used her.” Stephanie E.

“Betty Greenman is very punctual and on time. She does not leave until you understand what you need to do to breastfeed your baby successfully. She goes over everything carefully and writes a care plan for you before she leaves. I feel good about recommending her. She is worth the money that you pay her. She is very reasonable in her price.” Tanya G.

” I was having breast pain over the weekend.  I saw that Betty H. Greenman, Breastfeeding With Love, was open on Sunday.  I called Ms. Greenman and within hours she came to my home.  She helped me with my clogged ducts and gave me an amazing heating pad.  Unfortunately, I ended up having Mastitis which Ms. Greenman recommended I call my doctor on Monday.  We are lucky to have a Lactation Consultant working over the weekend to help new moms.” Mary Ann G.
“Betty Greenman helped me out so much.  Her skills as a Lactation Consultant is superb.  She carefully and gently instructed me how to latch and position my baby.  She taught me how to supplement my baby by  finger feeding with a syringe as well as using a syringe while breastfeeding to help supplement my baby  so he would not get dehydrated , while my milk came in.  The Lactation Consultant in the hospital, who was the head of the department did a horrible job.  She was unhelpful and cruel and expected me to know how to breastfeed my baby for the first time.  Breastfeeding can be so hard and it helps to have a kind and compassionate Lactation Consultant you how step by step.   Betty Greenman for all your help. ”  Jessica B.
“Betty Greenman is an amazing Lactation Consultant who really cares about you.  She is efficient, caring and very friendly.  She is concerned about helping you feel good about breastfeeding your baby.  I had severe engorgement and my baby could not latch on.  She helped me so much figure out what to do.  I am so happy I called her to help me get breastfeeding off to a good start.”  Kate R.
“It has now been six months that I am breastfeeding my baby.  It is thanks to Betty Greenman that I have come this far.  Without her help, I would have given up the first week.”  Patricia B.
“I just had my second child.  Betty Greenman saw me with my first.  I had her come over to give me a refresher course.  I am glad I did because my baby s was not sucking well.  He is a lazy sucker and I needed help opening his mouth.  She helped me correct this and showed me how to work on it.  I am glad I called her.”  Caroline G.
Hi there Betty!

My name is Gina and you helped me with my breastfeeding journey in February 2013.  Below is my recommendation/testimonial for your work.

My first baby was born on February 3, 2013.  While at the hospital, breastfeeding came easy but it was once we got home, it got difficult.  My baby had difficulty with latching on correctly which led to cracked and bleeding nipple, and a very sad mama.  I had to take some time off for my nipple to heal and exclusively pumped for a few weeks.  During that time, I looked for a lactation consultant in my area for further guidance and I am so glad that google connected me with Betty!  I called and left her a voicemail and she called me back quickly.  I explained my situation and she truly listened to it and came to my home with many possible solutions.  She even brought all the materials she recommended.  Let’s just say, Betty gave me the emotional support that I needed, pep talks and solutions for that moment and for the future.  And her predictions of how my breastfeeding journey really did come true!  At 7 weeks, my baby was able to breastfeed directly from my breast!  It was magical and an amazing moment!  And during the entire journey, my baby was able to receive the best — breast milk.
“A friend begged me to visit her Lactation Consultant.  Betty Greenman came to my home and quickly put me at ease, helping me latch my baby on.  She taught me the basics of breastfeeding, helping me learn to , supplement at the breast with my own breast milk, how to use my breast pump and helped me learn when to use hot and cold compresses.  She answered all my questions and has allowed me to call, text or her I need with any further breastfeeding questions.  I am so happy I had a consult.  It is worth the money.”  M.

Betty was wonderful!  She was a great listener, empathetic, thoughtful, experienced and passionate about what she did.  She gave me further, personal and guidance.  She was also updated on all that was to offer on the market.  Ex. what materials that Medela, Lasinoh, etc had to offer.  Knew what worked and didn’t work — which saved a lot of money in trying out products and time in the guessing game of it all.  I am so glad I didn’t quit in trying to give breast milk to my baby and called Betty!  Mothers — don’t give up!  Do you and your baby a favor and call Betty.  She is worth the time, money and effort!  A perfect help in my breastfeeding journey.
“Betty Greenman came to my home and it was life changing for me.  My baby struggled to breastfeed.  She corrected my position, taught me how to finger feed, taught me how to use hot and cold correctly, how to try to get more breast milk.  It is because of her that it is five months now and I plan to breastfeed for as long as I can.”  Cynthia J
“I have now been breastfeeding my baby for eight months.  It is because of Betty Greenman that I did not give up in the first few weeks.  I went through everything from having a poor latch, which made my nipples sore.  My baby did not suck, so I had to learn how to help her get excited to breastfeed.  I also suffered from engorgement, which Betty Greenman helped me control and get things back to normal. Call Betty Greenman.  She is one phone call away.  She will get your breastfeeding off to a good start and begin a wonderful journey with your baby, that will last a lifetime.”   Marcy G.
” Betty Greenman just helped me get through Mastitis.  I could not have gotten through this without her help.  She is a compassionate and loving person who really cares about her patients and helps resolve problems quickly.”  Sophia A.
“Betty H. Greenman really helped me out and gave me the right size nipple shield for my twins.  This allowed me to feed them better.  The hospital gave me the wrong size.  I am glad she came to my home and corrected this problem.  It made a real difference for me and my girls.”  Jennifer F.
“I am so happy I used Betty Greenman.  I had problems with latching my baby on and engorgement problems.  I am glad I used her and I will recommend her to all my friends.”  Michelle J.
“Betty is a lifesaver! She came to my home and offered one on one care and guidance. I followed her instructions to the letter and my engorgement was relieved in two days. I plan on using her again to help with my return to work plan. I strongly recommend Betty to anyone who needs support! “- Amy P.
“I had twins and Betty Greenman helped me so much.  She first took them individually and then came over a few more times and helped me breastfeed them together.  She is amazing.”  Stephanie B.
“Betty Greenman drove one hour to my home to see me right away. By the way, she is the best price in town.  She comforted me because I was so afraid that I was not doing the right thing and helped latch my baby on.  Because of her, I am now able to breastfeed my baby.”  Cynthia F.
“I am a new parent and found Betty Greenman to be an excellent, gifted Lactation Consultant, who talked me out of totally giving up and formula feeding my baby.  I had flat nipples so we decided together yo make a plan that I would use a nipple shield for a few weeks.  I also pumped a few times a day.  This combination helped me successfully breastfeed my baby.  Furthermore, I increased my breast milk and was able to wean my baby off the nipple shield.  I am so satisfied that breastfeeding is going well.  I now see that Betty Greenman is a highly trained Lactation Consultant who is compassionate and truly loves what she is doing by helping new moms like me reach my breastfeeding goal.” Cathy K.
“Betty Greenman used a brilliant technique which used a  special size syringe to help get the baby latched on while strengthening the baby’s suck. This technique helped me out so much.  It was very successful for me and my baby. She also helped me latch on my baby by showing me the best position for my baby.  I am happy I called her.  I have now been breastfeeding for three months.”  Patty B.
“I had a horrible experience in the hospital with the Lactation Consultants there and on the weekend, I saw nobody.  When I got home, I needed help.  I was in tears and terrified that I could not feed my baby right.  Betty Greenman came to my home and helped me while I was in bed. She also helped me breastfeed sitting up too.  She was so kind and loving and really gave me the strength to begin to properly breastfeed my baby.  I now feel that I know what to do.” Laurie M.
“I just had a C- Section and Betty Greenman came to my home and I learned to breastfeed my baby in my own bed.  How wonderful   I also breastfeed my baby in my favorite chair.”  Jordanna B.
“My baby was born prematurely. I had given my baby too many bottles and therefore, she had nipple confusion.  I wanted to
get her back onto my breast.  Furthermore, my baby had a weak suck and seal. Betty Greenman taught me finger feeding as a transition from bottle back to .  I worked very hard with my baby doing everything Betty Greenman taught me to do.  Today, my baby is sucking better and I am truly enjoying breastfeeding her.”  Candice S.
“I had breast reduction surgery ten years ago never thinking about my future of wanting to breastfeed a child.  After calling Betty Greenman crying because I regretted what I did by having this surgery, she helped me increase my milk supply and  feel closely bonded with my baby using the Supplemental Feeding System while getting stimulated at my breast.  It was well worth all the hard work and effort I have now put getting my baby to breastfeed well.  Thank you, Ms. Greenman.  You really care about us. You are the best.”  Felicia K.
“I am a mom and I thought I knew it all about breastfeeding.  However, after three weeks of struggling to get my baby to breastfeed well, I had to call Betty.  She immediately came to my home.  She corrected my baby’s latch and went over some other things to make sure I would be successful breastfeeding this baby.  I had my heart set on exclusively breastfeeding for many months ahead.  Well, things have worked out so well.  My daughter is doing a much better job now and we are all happy.”  Mary Jane B.
“I tried to breastfeed but struggled because I experienced a low milk supply.  My baby was seven days old at the time and on top of that, I was severely engorged.  Betty helped me with engorgement, low milk supply, how to properly latch my baby on my breast and sore nipples.  She also taught me how to use hot and cold compresses, which brought get relief for all these problems.  It took a few times for her to come over and show me what to do, but was well worth Betty coming over to help me.” Susan G.

 “I adopted a baby six weeks ago and I was determined to breastfeed him.  I felt that this would be a wonderful way to bond.  Well, I used a Supplemental Feeding System but, my nipples were so sore.  Betty Greenman came over and corrected the problem.  I am so much happier.”  Julie F.

“I was going to give up on breastfeeding.  Betty Greenman was the last call I was going to make before I stopped breastfeeding my baby.  However, now three months later, I just called her to thank her for helping me.  Because of her, I am successful and I hope to continue for many more months as I go back to work.  I highly recommend her.  She is kind and really cares to help each mom.”  Anna G.

“Betty Greenman is a kind, compassionate Lactation Consultant who really cares about doing her job well.  She wants you to be happy and feel good about breastfeeding your child before she leaves your home. You can always call her anytime.”  Ali S.

“I have struggled with breastfeeding and I was going to give up until I called Betty.  She came over right away and helped me out.  My baby is sucking a whole lot better now.  I recommend her.”  Tracy G.

“Betty can really relate to your breastfeeding problems because not only is she a professional Lactation Consultant, she has had her own children.”  Sarah R.

“I was in so much pain after my and Betty Greenman came to my home.  I breastfed in my bed.  This is such a great service.  You should use her because she really cares about you.”  Becky L.