United Healthcare Lactation Consultant

Due to Covid-19, I am now offering phone and video lactation consultant telehealth support services nationally for anyone that is under approved UHC and Aetna plans.

P: 917-538-1564
Accepting New Patients Daily

Betty Greenman, IBCLC, is an in-network provider with United Healthcare in the NY, NJ, CT and TX areas. I will come to the comfort of your home or visit you in the hospital.

Call now to schedule an in home consultation or hospital visit.


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Are There Any Costs or Hidden Fees?

Typically, for United Healthcare patients these services are fully covered.  If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call now to verify your insurance coverage.  We are able to work with a majority of patients.

What If My Plan Isn’t Covered by United Healthcare?

If your health insurance plan does not cover lactation services:
We recommend you let your insurance company know how important this service is to you. As consumers like you demand lactation services, insurance companies will have to provide this service or risk losing your business.

If you have employer-based health insurance, we also recommending speaking to your employer about adding lactation services to their benefits package.