Breastfeeding And Reflux

“I had Betty Greenman come over and she realized my baby had reflux issues.  She told me what to discuss with my pediatrician .  I am happy I called her.”  Denise R.
“I just had Betty Greenman come over and verify that my baby is struggling with reflux.  I am producing a lot of milk.  Therefore, my baby chokes when I breastfeed her.  Ms. Greenman held her in an upright position after breastfeeding and helped me out so much.  I will continue with what she showed me and ask my pediatrician for additional instructions for my baby’s reflux.”  Sandy Sue S.
“Betty Greenman helped me understand that I must keep my baby upright for thirty minutes after he eats.  My baby suffers from reflux and she is so knowledgeable about this subject.  I am glad I called her to my home.”  Ginger O.
I specialize in helping babies who are breastfeeding and also suffering from reflux problems.
Studies have shown that formula fed babies are more likely to develop symptoms of Gastroesophageal Reflux,GER than breastfed babies.  Many babies have severe pain, have poor sleep patterns, gag, choke, spit up, have frequent hiccups and burping spells and have feeding problems right from the beginning.  Often times, the pediatrician will realize that the baby is suffering from GER.  What happens is that the muscle at the opening of the stomach opens up allowing food to back up into the esophagus.  Babies begin to cry hysterically, some vomit numerous times and even may keep their parents up all night long.  They can even refuse to eat.

    Often times babies will outgrow these GER symptoms  as they get older.  However, sometimes they need to be seen by a Pediatric Gastroenterologist. A Pediatric Gastroenterologist can perform tests.  Sometimes, babies need to be put on medicines for a while and be closely monitored.  Hopefully, over time babies will get better and have less symptoms.
    Breastfeeding is the best food for babies who suffer from GER because breast milk can be digested easier.  Breast milk has the best nutrition for your baby.  Breast milk also has good immunities to many illnesses.  Additionally, the way the mom positions her breast, may help with GER.  The cradle hold maybe the best.  A mother can try other positions as well.  The upright position for some babies is the right position to use.  This is a good position right after breastfeeding as well.  However, some babies may get fussy and pull away from breastfeeding because of pain associated with GER.
      A Lactation Consultant can come see how you latch on your baby and make sure your baby isn’t swallowing too much air which causes discomfort. An Lactation Consultant, such as myself, can set your mind at ease that everything is going well with breastfeeding by providing you with loving guidance and support.  Some mothers have told me that after they breastfeed their baby, they carry their baby in a sling. This position keeps the baby in an upright position therefore, helping the baby digest the breast milk better. Lastly, babies should wear lose clothes around their tummy area to prevent less pressure on the stomach.

Baby Stay Asleep is a safe effective infant sleep position positioner for:  infant acid reflux, respiratory issues, ear infections, and sleep apnea. It allows you to elevate the head of the crib up to  30 degrees while keeping your baby secure and comfortable.  Call them for further information.  It is a great positioner for your baby with these problems.

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Pediatric/ Adolescent Gastroesophageal Reflux (PAGER) Association
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PAGER association is a national organization that provides information and support to families whose children have reflux.